Munger Place Historic District Quarterly Meeting

I was pleased to attend the quarterly meeting of the Munger Place Historic District, where residents discussed the upcoming home tour, website development, and several other neighborhood projects.

Back zoning in Hudson Heights

I attended a neighborhood meeting tonight on changing the zoning in Hudson Heights, an East Dallas neighborhood in District 14. The neighborhood is zoned multifamily, even though it’s over 80% single-family homes. Recently, developers have been razing houses and building apartments. Residents requested a zoning change from multi-family to single-family to reflect what is actually on the ground in the neighborhood.

The city planning department presented the neighborhood with a map of the current zoning requirements, as well as a plat map showing the built environment. Residents and non-resident property owners debated the merits of the zoning change.

I strongly believe in neighborhood self-determination, and it was important that so many neighbors turned out to discuss the issue.

UPDATE: The zoning change to single-family passed the Plan Commission by one vote on March 3, 2005. The vote was 8 in favor of the neighborhood, and 7 against. The City Council will now vote on the zoning change.