North Park Ministers’ Coalition Endorsement

Today I learned that I was selected as the North Park Ministers’ Coalition “candidate of choice” for the District 14 City Council race. The Coalition is a group of ministers from local churches who work together to improve the North Park/Love Field area in the western part of our district. In their letter of support, they state “We have selected you as our candidate of choice for the District Fourteen council seat


North Park Ministries Candidate Forum

I, along with the other District 14 candidates, met with North Park – Love Field area ministers this afternoon to discuss our views on the challenges faced by the NPLF neighborhood.

This forum was very important to me because I am the only candidate who has had a continued presence in the NPLF area. For the last year and a half, I have been attending meetings of the Love Field Environmental Advisory Committee, the group that monitors environmental issues at the airport.

In addition, I’ve been attending NPLF Crime Watch meetings, code enforcement meetings, and Community Development Block Grant meetings.

NPLF faces specific challenges related to prostitution, drug houses, affordable housing, and the need for community retail. I am committed to working with this neighborhood and maintaining open lines of communication and access.

North Park Love Field Crime Watch

This evening I also attended the North Park – Love Field crime watch meeting. Concerned neighbors started the crime watch earlier this year to address the serious crime problems they’re having in the area, including drug houses, burglaries, and prostitution.

Tonight neighbors pointed out to city officials that they want a “zero tolerance” policy for code violators. Recognizing that code violations and crime go hand in hand, neighbors want to crack down on offenders and clean up the community.

Time and time again, crime watch programs prove that they make a real difference in reducing crime and getting neighborhoods back on track. I applaud NPLF’s efforts to make the neighborhood safer.

North Park – Love Field Wills Meeting

After North Park – Love Field residents told me that elderly neighbors needed information about how to pass along property after their death, I decided to help them organize a course on preparing wills.

Since my law practice focuses on commercial litigation, I sought out an attorney who specializes in estate planning. We organized a two-hour training session at the K.B. Polk Recreation Center, and many residents came to learn about how to pass on their real and personal property.

Without a will to set out how property is to be transferred after death, the result is often family turmoil. Also, when there are problems with real property, whether code violations or illegal activity, the City of Dallas often struggles to figure out who owns the property and who is responsible for it. I was pleased that we could offer this service to our senior citizens, and look forward to similar programs in the future.