City Council Approves Junius Heights Historic District

I am pleased to report that this afternoon the City Council unanimously approved the Junius Heights Historic District. Congratulations to the neighborhood residents who worked long and hard to preserve the character of this beautiful East Dallas neighborhood!

Junius Heights Meet and Greet

I had a really nice time at Rene Schmidt’s Meet and Greet in Junius Heights this evening. The hosts, guests, and weather were all wonderful.

While we sat on Rene’s front porch and enjoyed the breeze, the guests and I discussed the Strong Mayor charter amendment, economic development, and preservation issues.

Junius Heights is a hidden gem of a neighborhood, located in Old East Dallas. The neighborhood is currently in the process of becoming Dallas’ next historic district, and I am very enthusiastic about and supportive of their efforts.

I’ve been friends with Rene since working with him through Preservation Dallas’ Neighborhood Network. His neighborhood’s effort to create the Junius Heights Historic District is a model that others seeking historic district status are sure to follow.

To cap off the event, Rene gave an impromptu performance of a Bach keyboard piece on his harpsichord. It was a great end to a great evening. Thanks again to Rene, his partner Lee, and all of the guests for a great time!

Junius Heights Crime Watch with Police Chief Kunkle and Veletta Lill

Over a hundred neighbors filled the Lipscomb Elementary auditorium to hear Police Chief Kunkle speak about current efforts to reduce crime in Dallas. Residents spoke about their own crime problems, including illegal dumping and car burglaries.

As I’ve attended neighborhood association and crime watch meetings throughout Dallas, I have been impressed to often see Chief Kunkle there as well. He is truly committed to improving our city, and getting to understand our problems on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood level.