Gastonwood-Coronado Hills Candidate Forum

The Gastonwood – Coronado Hills Neighborhood Association hosted a candidate forum at the Trinity Lutheran Church on Gaston tonight. Each candidate had the opportunity to speak and take questions for 20 minutes.

Residents asked questions about crime, code enforcement, and revitalizing surrounding commercial areas.


Gastonwood-Coronado Hills Meet and Greet

Mike DeGroot was our host for this meet and greet. A very diverse group of residents attended, including some who had been there over forty years, as well as relative newcomers. We enjoyed good food and conversation, and discussed the strong mayor initiative, code enforcement, and crime.

Gastonwood-Coronado Hills Neighborhood Association Meeting

This evening I attended the Gastonwood – Coronado Hills neighborhood association meeting. The meeting focused on code enforcement, and the challenges that neighborhoods face when dealing with code issues.

The City of Dallas’ neighborhood liaison from the Code Enforcement Department came to the meeting, and answered questions about garage sales, commercial signage in residential yards, and bulk trash.