Visit to New Opera House and Theater

I’ll have pics up later today, but in the meantime:

The council got to tour the Winspear Opera House and Wyly Theater today. Amazing. After seeing the models, and watching the exterior construction, it was exciting to tour the interiors of these buildings.

The opera has a great deal of seating, but they’ve created a very intimate house, so that the audience is very close to the performance. The panels on the front of the balcony seating has a wavy design, which is less aesthetic and more acoustical, to reflect the sound in the best way possible. Continue reading

Meeting with Leadership of the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts

I met today with Bill Lively (President & CEO) and Lisa Limoges (Vice President) to discuss the future of the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts and its economic and cultural impact on Dallas. This is an incredible organization, and the three new arts venues that will be built in District 14’s Arts District will change the face of Dallas.