DGLA Endorses Angela

Over the weekend, the Dallas Gay & Lesbian Alliance announced that I had received their endorsement in the District 14 race. I am deeply honored to be endorsed by the DGLA, and thank them for their support!

From DGLA President Patti Fink:

Angela Hunt has stood firmly and proudly not only with the GLBT community but also with concerned citizens across the City of Dallas on issues of importance to all, even and especially when such stands have been out of favor or downright unpopular with the Dallas establishment….Angela has consistently made doing the right thing for her District and for the City of Dallas her sole rudder in every decision. [She] has a strong history of appointing LGBT constituents to boards and commissions, and she is a visible sustaining presence at LGBT community events, large and small…. [W]ith great pride DGLA again wholeheartedly endorses Angela Hunt for District 14.