Dallas Is Going To Kill Conservation Districts

Last month, I wrote this in the Lakewood Advocate about the city’s current effort to rewrite Dallas’ conservation district ordinance and the damage it will do to historic preservation. Read the city’s proposal.  I’ve put together this comparison chart to highlight the differences between the current CD formation process and the city’s proposed changes.

Today the City Plan Commission is being briefed on this proposal.  I sent this letter to Plan Commissioners:

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Why SOPS Is Losing Me

You know, I was really trying to keep an open mind about the Support Our Public Schools campaign to make DISD a “home rule” district.  (You can read my initial thoughts on the topic in this month’s Lakewood Advocate Magazine.)  I liked the idea of an open, honest, public conversation about the pros and cons of home rule, and who doesn’t love a good referendum?  I particularly liked the idea of creating self-regulated sub-districts within DISD, so East Dallas could have its own school district.

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