Aerial Mosquito Spraying Update: Rest of Dallas Sprayed Tonight

Just received this update from City of Dallas staff:

The West Nile Virus spraying program continues:

  • The rest of the City that was not sprayed last night will be sprayed tonight
  • Last night’s spraying was cut short due to rain
  • Because rain is threatening once again tonight, operations will begin at 9:00 p.m.
  • If everything goes as planned, tonight’s spraying will complete the FIRST application for the WHOLE city
  • TWO applications will be required
  • The SECOND application will be conducted two days after the FIRST application to kill the adult mosquitoes missed on the first spray as well as those mosquitoes that hatch within the two days

Aerial Spraying Report for Thursday, August 16:

  • Two airplanes loaded with Duet pesticide initiated spraying at 10 p.m. Spraying was estimated to be completed by 2 a.m., but suspended at midnight due to inclement weather. Area scheduled but not sprayed is approximately 1/2 mile west of Jupiter Rd and Buckner Blvd east to the City Limit
  • Pre-spray mosquito traps were placed by Clarke Mosquito Control (State’s contractor), County and City. Samples were to be collected by noon on Friday and results will be assessed to determine need for follow-up applications.