Call 311 Before Putting Out Storm Debris to Avoid Code Ticket

The Sanitation department and the Code Compliance department have declared an official storm damage collection for brush and bulk garbage. Through July 9, you can avoid a code citation if you call 311 ahead of time and let them know you plan to put out storm-related brush/debris earlier than your normal collection week. If you call ahead of time, you won’t be issued a citation. Be sure to get a “Service Request Number” from the 311 operator for confirmation.

From the Sanitation and Code Departments:

Residents may call to request permission to place their storm related brush/debris out earlier than their normal collection week. In order for them to NOT receive a citation from Code Compliance, they must call 311 and operators must use the Storm Brush Debris SR to refer these requests to the appropriate Sanitation collection district for action. Code Compliance officers should also be able to query on this SR type before they issue citations to anyone who may have set out items early. IF there is a Storm Brush Debris SR for the address, the compliance officers will NOT issue a citation.