Change is Just Around the Corner for Lower Greenville

A year from now, Lower Greenville will be transformed, and it’s clear that residents and property owners are excited about the changes.

Tonight I spoke at three different meetings to discuss the New Lower Greenville. The first meeting was hosted by long-time property owners Marc and Roger Andres who brought together fifty or so retail brokers who are like location scouts for the retailers/restaurants they represent. Other property owners in attendance included Madison Partners and Greenway Investments.

Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Pauline Medrano and I shared with the group the plans and timeline for Lower Greenville: streetscape construction will start this summer and be finished about eight months later and the new late-night permit requirement begins in September.

Jon Hetzel of Madison Partners announced that the city had just given them the green light to move forward on their plans for an outdoor eatery trailer park at the old Arcadia site. Construction on that should begin in a couple of months.

The group was treated to some sweets from TrailerCakes (which makes an amazing peanut butter and jelly cupcake — trust me on this). TrailerCakes and Good Luck Food Truck will be among the eateries coming to Arcadia Trailer Park, and that alone is worth getting excited about.

The retail brokers liked what they heard — they were relieved to know that we have a plan in place to make the street safer and attract better businesses. They were also impressed with the significant city investment in a beautiful, retail-friendly streetscape.

The next two meetings were to talk with neighborhood groups about the Lower Greenville changes. Both the Richmond Place Condo Association and the Cochran Heights Neighborhood Association were pleased to learn that the changes we’re implementing aren’t years away, but will happen in the next few months. They loved that we’re getting the problems under control, fixing the street, and making this a walkable, family-friendly area.

Lower Greenville’s transformation is a win for everyone — neighborhoods, property owners, and businesses — and change is just around the corner.