Plan Commission Approves Lower Greenville Plan

Late this afternoon, the City Plan Commission voted unanimously to approve a plan to require businesses on Lower Greenville to obtain a permit from the city if they want to stay open after midnight.  According to Andrea over at Unfair Park, the center section of the chambers was packed with supporters.

The unified support for this effort is unprecedented in Lower Greenville — all of the surrounding neighborhood associations, major property owners (Andres Properties and Madison Partners), and business owners have come together to transform Lower Greenville from a dangerous liability into a remarkable community asset.  Many, many thanks to everyone who took off from work today to spend their afternoon at City Hall.  I know it was a long wait, but your presence spoke volumes about the broad-based support this important effort enjoys.

We’re taking back Lower Greenville and over the next twelve months, we’re going to see an amazing transformation.  Thank you to everyone who worked so hard on this!  The plan will now move on to the city council, and I’ll let you know when the public hearing is set (sometime in January or February).