Exciting Changes Coming to Tietze Park!

On Wednesday, the City Council approved some exciting improvements to Tietze Park that will begin next month.

In early November, Park Department staff, Tietze Foundation board members, and my appointee to the Park Board, Wayne Smith, met to go over the new enhancements to Tietze Park. There will be a new loop trail around the entire park as well as new connecting sidewalks to join some of the existing pathways. There will also be several new benches around the park mounted on concrete pads, a new ADA-approved water fountain, new trash receptacles, some new picnic tables, and a portable restroom enclosure. The total cost of this project is $254,808, paid for with 2006 Bond funds.

There will also be shade structures installed by the contractor that were paid for by the “The Friends of Tietze Park Foundation.”  Brick pavers that were sold by the Foundation will also be installed during this project. Work should begin in January 2011 and completed by November 2011. The City of Dallas and District 14 are fortunate to have a group like the “Friends of Tietze Park Foundation” to assist in this wonderful renovation project at Tietze Park!