White Rock Marathon Through East Dallas & Uptown Sunday

This Sunday, December 5, the White Rock Marathon will wind its way through East Dallas and Uptown starting at 8 AM. The finish line closes at 2:30 PM.  This is the first year the marathon will start and end at Fair Park.

Here is a map of the full marathon route as well the half marathon.

Driving in the area will be a challenge, so you may want to plan ahead and avoid these streets or better yet, take a walk down to the route and cheer the runners on!


See when your street will be affected by the marathon (from runtherock.com):

7:00am – 9:00am
S. Haskell Ave heading northwest to Swiss Ave – Swiss Ave southwest to Texas Street – Texas Street northwest to Bryan St – Bryan St. southwest to Boll St – Boll St. northwest to N. Central Expy. access road.

8:00am – 10:00am
N. Central Expy. access road north to Ross Avenue – Ross Ave southwest to Leonard St. – Leonard St. northwest to Flora St. – Flora St. southwest to Pearl St. – N Pearl St northwest to McKinney – McKinney Ave north to Hall St. – N. Hall St northwest to Turtle Creek Blvd – N Turtle Creek Blvd to N. Fitzhugh Ave – north on Lakeside Dr. through the Town of Highland Park to Beverly Dr. – Beverly Dr east to Abbot Ave – Abbott Ave north to Cornell Ave – Cornell Ave. east to Airline – Airline to the southbound I-75 Access Road.

9:00am – 12:00pm
McCommas Blvd bridge over I-75 – northbound I-75 Access Road Longview St. – Longview St to Greenville Ave – Greenville Ave to Ellsworth Ave – Ellsworth Ave to Frontier Ln – Frontier Ln to Bob O Link Dr. – Bob O Link Dr. to Williamson Road – Williamson Rd to W Lawther Dr – W Lawther Dr to Mockingbird Ln – West Mockingbird Ln access road across the Mockingbird Lane bridge west bound traffic side to E Lawther Dr.- E Lawther Dr. to Garland Rd to Winsted Dr – Winsted Dr to White Rock Rd – White Rock Rd to W Lawther Dr – W Lawther Dr to Tokalon Dr- Tokalon Dr to Lakeshore Dr – Lakeshore Dr to Winsted Dr – Winsted Dr to Lakewood Blvd – Lakewood Blvd Lakeshore D – Lakeshore Dr Cambria Blvd – Cambria Blvd to Lakewood Blvd.In addition – Greenville Ave to McCommas Blvd – McCommas Blvd to Matilda St southbound lanes of Matilda St to Ross Ave – Ross Ave to Greenville Ave – Greenville Ave. to where Greenville Ave turns into N. Munger Blvd – N. Munger Blvd to Live Oak Street to N. Haskell Ave – N. Haskell Ave to Parry Ave

10:00am – 3:00pm
Lakewood to Abrams Rd – Belmont Ave to Cecille St – Cecille St to Richmond Ave. – Richmond Ave to Empire Dr – Empire Dr. to La Vista Dr – La Vista Dr to Swiss Ave – Swiss Ave to N Haskell Ave – Haskell Ave to Parry Ave.