Tom Thumb Reopens on Inwood at University

This morning, the brand new Tom Thumb grocery store on Inwood at University (re)opened after being demolished and rebuilt this summer. The former Simon David has been dramatically improved, with a bright, fresh interior, a Starbucks, and a new parking lot with pedestrian-friendly lighting and landscaping.

The grocer considered closing the aging store, but instead decided to reinvest in the area with a new store, built with significant input from the community. When the zoning request for the project came forward, I ensured that the new construction responded to the needs and concerns of the surrounding neighbors, including making sure that the parking lot lighting did not shine into nearby homes, that the project was well-landscaped, that the truck delivery area was on University (not Robin Road), and that the back of the store and the adjacent lots were well-landscaped along the newly-curved Robin Road.

As you can see from the pictures below, Tom Thumb lived up to these standards and more. The store is a great new asset for the neighborhood and provides a much-needed service for residents.