Join Me This Weekend: “Gasland” Movie and Rally to Restore Sanity

Friday, Oct. 29 – “Gasland” Screening
If you didn’t catch the award-winning documentary “Gasland” when it appeared on HBO, please join me tonight for a screening with filmmaker Josh Fox at Dallas’ Angelika Theater.

“Gasland” is a cautionary tale about gas drilling that is particularly relevant to Dallas citizens as Barnett Shale drilling moves east into our city.  I’ll be there to welcome Josh and discuss what our city should do to ensure gas drilling doesn’t endanger Dallas neighborhoods or the health of our citizens.  The film and a short Q&A with the filmmaker starts at 7pm and ends around 9:30pm.

Downwinders at Risk is hosting a post-screening reception for Josh from 9:30 to 11 pm where the audience can continue the conversation about the local impact of gas drilling.

Saturday, Oct. 30 – Rally to Restore Sanity, Dallas Edition
Tired of crazy political hyperbole, outlandish fear-mongering, and all the nutty rallies that drown out civil political discourse?  Then this rally is for you!

Join me at the Rally to Restore Sanity (Dallas Edition) tomorrow at 11am at Lee Harvey’s (1807 Gould St.) where they’ll be simulcasting the Washington, D.C. rally featuring Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert.  After the broadcast at 2pm, I’ll be joining Human Rights Initiative Award winner Bill Holston and intellectual satirist Rawlins Gilliland for a few words.  (And leave your crazy signs at home.  Unless they’re really crazy.  Then bring ’em.)