Oncor: Working on Downed Transformers

I am continuing to pass along to Oncor all power outages that are reported to me.  I got another update from Oncor:

Councilwoman Hunt,

I understand why your constituents are frustrated, being with out power for days is rough.

Oncor has all available resources working to restore power.  The remaining outages are device level outages (transformers and fuses). That’s why there are just numerous small pockets of outages spread across the city.  Device level outages are the most time and labor consuming. Oncor crews are having to clear away trees and limbs, and pickup and re-hang wire and replace equipment. The process is slowing going, but we are making process. We are hopeful to have a large majority of the remaining customers back on today.

Oncor has setup restoration districts across the city to focus on neighborhoods.  Relief should be coming soon.

Also, based on the emails I’ve received, it sounds like many residents experience regular outages that Oncor needs to fix.  Next week, I will be talking with Oncor to let them know about these problems and see what they will do to get them resolved.