Trinity Toll Road Public Hearing on Tuesday, May 5

In recent months, several facts have come to light that suggest that Dallas should reconsider its decision to locate the Trinity Toll Road in our city’s floodway.

First, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced that Dallas’ levees failed to meet their new, post-Katrina safety standards. The Corps also discovered sand in our levees, which presents a problem for toll road construction. Further, the Corps indicated concerns about allowing the toll road’s large concrete piers to pierce the levees, which could weaken them.

In addition, the North Texas Tollway Authority acknowledged that there is a billion dollar funding gap for the toll road. No additional funding sources have been identified.

Despite these serious problems, the city refuses to consider other locations for the toll road that would allow us to move forward on other long-delayed aspects of the Trinity Project, including critical levee improvements, the highly anticipated Trinity Park, and the desperately-needed reconstruction of S.M. Wright Freeway.

If you are concerned about the city’s decision to construct the Trinity Toll Road in our floodway, you will have the opportunity to make your voice heard. The federal government has yet to sign off on this location, and part of their analysis includes public input.

At 7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 5, the North Texas Tollway Authority and the Texas Department of Transportation will hold a public hearing at the Dallas Convention Center Arena (650 S. Griffin St., Dallas, 75202). I hope you will plan to attend and speak on this issue. (There is no need to sign up ahead of time.)