My Take on Officer Powell’s Actions

I don’t know that there’s much more to add about the DPD incident in which an officer (Powell) prevented a man (Moats) from seeing his dying mother-in-law in her last moments. I am so glad this was captured on video so there is no question about what happened. The self-control Mr. Moats displayed is amazing. I don’t know if I could have reacted with such a level head in the face of that kind of cruel, irrational behavior.

Some people have questioned whether this incident is reason enough to fire this officer. The fact is, it is an incredible responsibility to be a police officer. The authority and power that comes with it require considerable restraint and good judgment, neither of which was displayed here. Maintaining the public’s confidence that our police are there to serve and protect, not harass and bully, is paramount. That trust has been breached, and no apology, however sincere, can undo the irreparable harm done to this family and to the reputation of our police department. Powell’s behavior indicate a lack of common sense and common decency, and he should not continue to serve on our police force.

I have been impressed with how Chief Kunkle has handled this situation. No bureaucratic back-peddling or excuses, just straight talk and humble apologies.

My sincere condolences go to the Moats family.