St. Patrick’s Day Preparations

It’s that time again in Lower Greenville — St. Patrick’s Day is coming on Saturday, March 14. Deputy Police Chiefs Golbeck, Bernal, and Lawrence, along with me, neighborhood residents, and other city staff, have worked hard to develop a plan to limit the impact of the parade and party on Lower Greenville neighborhoods. This flyer explains all the details, including a map of street closures and no-parking areas.

Some info on contacting the city with problems on St. Patrick’s Day: Call 911 for police, parking, code, etc. problems. From 9am – 2am on Saturday, March 14, police dispatchers will be instructed to forward all calls related to St. Patrick’s Day in Lower Greenville to the police command post at Lee Elementary. If you do not get a response or need additional help on the day of the event, call me on my cell phone at (214) 907-4600. (Please note: I am using that phone only on event day, so if you need me before then, contact me at my office at (214) 670-5415 or Along with other city personnel, I will be working and available all day and night on St. Patrick’s Day to limit the impact on our neighborhoods.