New Trash/Recycling Schedule for Part of District 14

If you live west of Central Expressway in District 14, your trash and recycling pick up is going to change.

Starting Feb. 1, the city is beginning phase 2 of its once-a-week trash and recycling service. You will put out your trash and recycling once a week for pick-up. Pick-up for both is on the same day of the week. You can see your pick-up day on the map.

Once-a-week pick-up saves on fuel, and we saw a dramatic rise in recycling and reduction of trash (which lengthens the life of our landfill) during phase 1 in North Dallas.

Phase 3 of the once-a-week trash will include the eastern part of District 14. That is scheduled to begin in Feb. 2010, but I’m trying to get that moved up. To do it sooner, Districts 9, 10, and 14 have to all agree (since it’s done as a group).

You can also visit the city’s recycling website for more info.