No One Should Protest in Front of Mayor’s Home

I saw on Dallas Morning News’ City Hall Blog that some folks who want to see Jenny the Elephant moved to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee plan to stage a protest in front of Mayor Leppert’s home in the coming days.

I may not see eye-to-eye with Mayor Leppert on every issue, but this kind of invasion of privacy crosses the line. It reveals a lack common courtesy and is an embarrassment to those of us who advocated for Jenny’s move to Tennessee.

I heard from Margaret Morin, founder of Concerned Citizens for Jenny, a group that has been reasonable and thoughtful about this issue. She tells me her group has nothing to do with this and thinks the people planning this protest should abandon their plan. I agree.

It’s one thing to air disagreements with city officials at City Hall or other public forums. It’s quite another to confront an elected official at their home. There are plenty of productive ways to communicate one’s concerns without resorting to this kind of invasive tactic. Elected officials and their families should not be accosted and harrassed at their home.

I hope whoever is planning this “event” thinks the better of it. Surely they can find a better outlet for their concerns than this misguided stunt.