Marshall Fellowship Begins….

Today, I started my Marshall Fellowship. I was honored to be selected for this fellowship, which is part of the German Marshall Fund of the United States. Each year, 50 Americans are selected from across the country to travel to Europe to meet with politicians and community leaders from five countries. Read more about the fellowship.

I’m going to try to blog as often as possible while I’m here. You can check out my itinerary here. Right now, we’re all in Washington, D.C. (I just landed an hour ago), and we’re about to have our introductory meeting. We all visit different cities, and I’ll be going to Brussels, Belgium; Lubeck, Germany; Turin, Italy; Belgrade, Serbia; and Copenhagen, Denmark.

When I get back, I’ll post the issues I requested to explore while on the fellowship. (I also welcome your input — I’ll get to meet a lot of people, and my primary interest if finding best practices in other cities that I can bring back to Dallas. Let me know if you have questions you want me to ask, or issues to explore, and if I’m able to, I’ll do so.)

Also, I’m “Twittering.” You can keep with my “up to the minute” activities at