St. Patrick’s Day on Greenville

Here’s a photo journal of St. Patrick’s Day on Greenville Avenue.

It begins on Friday, with Boy Scouts and neighborhood volunteers putting out “No Parking” signs. On Saturday, it follows the parade clean-up, which was supposed to be done by the parade organizer. Unfortunately, it was woefully inadequate and we had to call in our Sanitation Department to help. Some businesses did a great job of cleaning up their outdoor area where parade watchers were hanging out; others, not so much. Code was called in to give warnings then issue citations on the spot. There was a huge difference between the clean parking lot for Park-It Market and the trashed out gas station across the street.

Crowds migrated south to Lower Greenville and the fenced-in party. Police kept the crowd inside at a manageable number, and restricted entry a few times until people had left. DPD and Parking Management had many people towed who had parked illegally. We also set up taxi stands for those who didn’t need to be driving.

The trash and debris were generally cleaned up by Sunday morning, but there was still trash that we had to have our Sanitation crews come clean up. Trash pick up needs to be done outside the fence, along Greenville, hourly. Once people start seeing trash pile up in people’s yards or along the curb, they assume it’s okay to throw their trash there, and it escalates.

The party on Lowest Greenville had its share of challenges, but DPD and our other city departments worked hard to minimize the impact on the surrounding neighborhoods. When I went out on Sunday morning, most of the trash had been picked up.