Council Adds to Bond Package

Yesterday, the Council added about $70 million to the city manager’s proposed $1.28 billion bond package. After getting community input on the manager’s recommended package, I made the following changes to projects in District 14:

Add: Turtle Creek effluence capture system
This will help keep trash from coming into Turtle Creek. Trash that goes into our storm drains near Turtle Creek goes right into the creek. This system would catch the trash before it gets to the creek, and would be a pilot program for 6 of 43 interceptors.
Add: Katy Trail ADA ramp/staircase
This will make the Katy Trail accessible to all users. The proposed funding would also qualify the project for a sustainable development grant.
Add: Cole Park improvements
Cole Park is a highly used park in Uptown, but improvements to this park did not make it into the manager’s recommended bond program. Residents had expressed a desire to improve this park, so we will be making improvements based on the park master plan.
Add: Greenville Ave. lighting and pedestrian improvements
Due to ongoing problems on Lower Greenville, the recent violence, and the fire that destroyed one of the historic blocks, we need to find ways to make the area safer for residents and patrons as well as more attractive to retail businesses. These funds will address lighting and other pedestrian improvements along Lower Greenville, between Belmont and Ross.
Add: Twin Sixties/Yale Blvd. lighting and pedestrian improvements
These are pedestrian and lighting improvements near Mockingbird Station. There are two new developments planned to transform the industrial businesses into transit-oriented, dense residential use. We have a good opportunity to create a more pedestrian-friendly environment with wider sidewalks, attractive medians, and street lighting.
Alley improvements
During my Neighborhood Listening Sessions, many residents expressed a desire for the city to pave their unpaved alleys. The City’s policy is to share the cost of alley paving after residents have submitted a petition request. These funds would allow District 14 residents to have their alleys paved after submitting a petition.
Street improvements:
Several streets that did not make the manager’s proposed program, but which were listed in the need inventory as some of the streets needing real improvement:
Elsby Ave – Lover Lane to Catawha (4500 blk)
Hyer St – Lomo Alto to Dead End
Purdue Ave – Chadbourne Rd to Devonshire Dr. (5400-5600 blk)
Delete – Converting Browder St. to Vehicular traffic
Browder St. is a small side street in Downtown between Commerce and Jackson that residents had been enjoying as a plaza/park. Right now, it is pedestrian only. The manager’s proposal would have funded opening the street to cars and making it two-way. There was overwhelming support from residents to keep this a pedestrian area, so we’re going to do so.
TOTAL $3,571,333

See all proposed amendments.