Council Committee Approves Comp Plan Without Any Public Hearings

Well, the five-member Council Comprehensive Plan Committee just met, and it was a sham meeting.

Staff explained very generally why the most significant changes the Plan Commission recommended were bad. Staff explained that transit corridors are terrific (even though there are no plans for mass transit service to them); that the map is perfect as it is (even though it doesn’t focus on specific areas of change and protect our neighborhoods as stable); and that a bottom-up, community-focused planning process is wrong — we need staff telling us how our communities should be.

Despite the fact that the City Council hasn’t even held a SINGLE public hearing yet; despite the fact that 13 of 15 CPC members support all the changes; despite the fact that the COMMITTEE DIDN’T EVEN DISCUSS THE MAJORITY OF THE CPC’S PLAN; Mr. Oakley nonetheless moved to approve the minor changes proposed by the CPC, but not the major ones I mention above. The Committee approved it on a vote of 4-1; I voted “no.”

Care about this? Well, we may pass this plan on Wednesday, the way things are going, so come down to City Hall at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 14 at 1500 Marilla St. and let us know what you think.