Council Briefing: Trinity Crossing Entertainment Project

Today the Council voted to authorize the Economic Development team to continue negotiating the Trinity Crossing Entertainment project. You can see more info and my thoughts on this issue here:
Previous Blog on Trinity Crossing

Slot machines and a horse race track are currently part of the entertainment center proposal, and I’ve got concerns about bringing gambling in our City. I directed staff to look at this issue more broadly, not just at how much money this will bring to the City. For example, we need to consider the impact of gambling on public safety, social cost in gambling addiction, whether other cities that have adopted slots gambling have themselves become “addicted” to the revenue, and why other cities have tried to get out of the slot machine gambling business.

This issue is now going back to the Economic Development Committee to discuss concerns brought up by me and other councilmembers. (I’m on that committee.) We’ll then give direction to the negotiating team about what we as a City want to see in the agreement.

PROPOSAL: To continue negotiating the land trade and entertainment project; to bring a recommendation to the Economic Development Committee by November 21; to brief the full Council by Dec. 5; to present for Council vote by Dec. 14. (BB moved, JF seconded.)

VOTE: (13:2, AH voting yes, LM and MR voting no)

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