City Council Meeting: Charter Amendments

Today we voted on whether to present the Charter amendments to the voters in a November referendum.

Voters will not simply vote up or down on the entire amended Charter. Instead, each of the proposed changes will be set forth in separate propositions on the ballot.

For example, Proposition 1 will address increasing the Mayor’s powers. It will also include increasing the Mayor’s salary from $60,000 to $120,000.

Councilmember Rasansky moved, and I seconded, taking out the salary increase from Prop 1 and putting it in a separate proposition. The Mayor should get a salary increase if he or she has greater responsibilities. But the voters should have the opportunity to vote separately on the stronger mayor issue and the salary issue. By putting the two issues together, we run the risk of killing the strong mayor issue simply because voters may not want to increase the Mayor’s salary. That’s not right. People should have an honest opportunity to vote up or down on the strong mayor issue. We shouldn’t try to obscure the matter with a controversial salary increase.

ACTION: Failed 7-8 (AH voting yes)

Next, we voted on whether to put the Charter amendments on the November ballot.

ACTION: Passed 14-1 (AH voting yes)

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