Budget Townhall Meeting

I had my first townhall budget meeting tonight (jointly with Pauline Medrano) to explain the proposed budget and get feedback.

I sent out 12,000 invitations, and about thirty people or so showed up. We also had someone from just about every City department there to answer questions.

The City staff gave the canned presentation that they present for all townhall meetings for councilmembers. It’s essentially the same presentation staff presented to the City Council last Monday, the first time we got to see the budget.

I don’t think the City’s presentation really explains the budget in a helpful way for residents, so I’ve decided to do my own presentation. Residents can’t give valuable feedback on a budget that they don’t really understand.

I still have some work to do on my presentation, but I hope to have it ready for my second of three townhall meetings, next Thursday.

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