Economic Development Committee: Kiosk Ad Program

At the Aug. 10, 2005 City Council meeting, I moved to defer consideration of the proposed Kiosk Advertising Program to ensure that the kiosks are pedestrian-friendly. The Council decided to send the matter back to the Economic Development Committee and then revisit the matter at the Aug. 24 City Council meeting.

We discussed the issue at the Economic Development Committee meeting today. Since last Wednesday, City staff has met with the proposed vendor, Viacom, and they have come up with a good compromise that addresses my concerns.

On the two advertising sides of the kiosk, Viacom will put additional verbiage to indicate that the kiosks have maps and public information on the other side. This will not affect the amount of money that Viacom is paying the City.

This compromise will make the kiosks more helpful to pedestrians and not just huge cylindrical billboards that take up valuable sidewalk space.

I also spoke with Scott Reynolds from Reynolds Outdoor (the company that is responsible for the private kiosks in Downtown), and they will also be placing verbiage on their kiosks to indicate that maps and information are located on the kiosk. I appreciate Reynolds Outdoor taking this step to further improve the kiosks for our Downtown pedestrians.

I am very pleased with the result of the City staff’s efforts with Viacom, and appreciate their hard work.

ACTION: The Committee moved to present the program to the Council on August 24, 2005.