Graffiti Paint Out in East Dallas

Over 40 volunteers turned out today to help rid East Dallas of graffiti. Swiss Avenue resident Jeff Bryan organized the paint-out to help us take back our community from vandalism. Graffiti is not just a nuisance. It lowers our property values, it’s unsightly, it makes it less likely that businesses will want to relocate in our area, and there is a direct correlation with crime. I will be working with Jeff to develop a pilot program in our area to clean up graffiti, which, if successful, I would like to see us take city-wide.

We were able to clean up about 6 sites — buildings, fences, a community basketball court — that had all been hard hit by taggers and gang graffiti. We painted most of the sites, but we also had a company called Pro-Chem volunteer their expertise and products to chemically remove graffiti from a community church’s concrete basketball court. Check out the pictures.

Residents from East Dallas came out in force, as well as city employees including Kathy Davis (Code Inspection Director), Gary Middleton (Code Inspection), several police officers, and other city staff. Many thanks for making this event a success.

Jeff would like to see the clean-up effort on a monthly basis, so stay tuned for our next paint out!