Dallas Northeast Chamber of Commerce Forum

Candidates from council districts 9,10, and 14 were on hand this afternoon to answer questions from the Dallas Northeast Chamber of Commerce. This group of business leaders is the result of the merging of the East Dallas Chamber and the Lakewood Chamber back in 1997.

It was a pleasure to appear before the chamber, and I was happy to tell those on hand that one of my priorities for improving Dallas is to make our city government more business-friendly. By bringing more businesses to Dallas, we’ll increase jobs and expand our tax base, providing more funding to hire police officers, fix our streets, clean our parks, and enhance our city.

Currently, our city doesn’t do a very good job when dealing with the business community. I’d like to see the city move to a case-management system for current and potential businesses. Under a case-management system, each business will have one point of contact at the city when trying to negotiate through our city’s regulations.