Democracy for America Candidate Forum

This afternoon the Dallas chapter of Democracy for America held forums for Dallas City Council candidates at the Lakehill Preparatory School in Lakewood. Lakewood is a beautiful neighborhood in Old East Dallas, and Lakehill Prep was a great venue for this event.

I imagine that most people know that Lakewood is represented by Gary Griffith (District 9), but not many know that a small portion of Lakewood lies in District 14. In fact, a small area of the Lakewood Conservation District (Dallas’ second conservation district) is in District 14.

Sam Baker from KERA was our moderator for the afternoon, and as usual did a tremendous job. I’ve been a great fan of Mr. Baker’s since appearing on his television program “On the Record” in December of 2003. The television program’s topic was teardowns and gentrification, and I appeared on a panel with Leif Sandberg, manager of Dallas’ Planning Department, and Dr. Robert Van Kemper, an SMU Professor of Anthropology specializing in urban planning. I had a great time taping the program, and was happy to be in such intelligent and thoughtful company.

At today’s forum, Mr. Baker quizzed each of the candidates on crime, economic development, and historic preservation, among other topics. I’d like to thank Democracy for America for hosting such a great event.