Hollywood-Santa Monica Reforestation Program

My husband and I helped HSMNA members plant pecan trees in Lindsley Park. The city’s reforestation program is a terrific, though underutilized, program.

My neighborhood, the M Streets, has participated in the program for the last three years, and has planted over 100 shade trees on neighborhood parkways.

Often, we overlook the good our city does for its residents — and this program definitely qualifies as a good one. The city provides young, healthy trees for free to neighborhoods for use in public spaces like parkways. The neighborhood must commit to watering and taking care of the trees for two years. That’s a small price to pay for all the benefits that shade trees bring to our community: cooler temperatures in the summer, cleaner air due to natural recycling of CO2, and a natural habitat for birds and squirrels. Trees on parkways even contribute to slower traffic on neighborhood streets!

Visit the City of Dallas’ website for more information on the City of Dallas Reforestation Program.