City Plan Commission Meeting on the Arts District

I spoke at the City Plan Commission hearing this afternoon to expand the Arts District from Routh Street all the way to Central Expressway. The expansion will provide specific zoning requirements for the area to create a more pedestrian-friendly, arts-oriented environment.

Having served as a Cultural Affair Commissioner, as well as being a board member of Dallas Black Dance Theatre and a presidential advisory member of the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts, I have seen firsthand the incredible commitment of our arts organizations and patrons. It is essential that our city meet that commitment.

This was my second time to speak to the CPC on expanding the Arts District, and I pointed out that we have a golden opportunity to improve this area of downtown. The undeveloped land in the northeastern corner downtown will not remain that way. Through this proposed zoning, we can guide the development of this area to provide a home for future arts groups, mixed-use development, retail, and residential. Over the next decade, this can become a vibrant urban neighborhood, as long as the city provides the right support.

I was very pleased that the CPC voted unanimously to support the expansion of the Arts District.

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