Dallas Homeowners League Board Meeting

I attended my last Dallas Homeowners League board meeting tonight. Because I am running for city council, I am focusing all my energies on the race and resigning from the DHL board. It has been a privilege to serve on the DHL board as executive vice president. DHL is a non-profit, umbrella organization for neighborhood groups in Dallas. Since 1968, it has helped neighborhood groups work together to develop positions, proposals, processes, and projects that improve the integrity, strength and voice of Dallas neighborhoods.

While serving on the DHL board, I’ve helped train neighborhoods to create successful communities, to organize crime watches, to reduce neighborhood traffic, and to address zoning and TABC issues. I’ve also successfully fought to stop businesses that sell alcohol from locating too close to schools and churches.

I thank my fellow board members for their support as I work to ensure we have a strong neighborhood voice on city council.