Comprehensive Plan Teardown Meeting

Tonight the City held a second teardown meeting in response to the general disappointment attendees felt at the first teardown meeting. The meeting was held at Benjamin Franklin Middle School in northeast Dallas.

The meeting consisted of two parts. First, residents had an opportunity to air their complaints about the teardown trend and how it’s affecting our neighborhoods, as well as problems with incompatible, suburban replacement homes. Residents also expressed their frustration with builders who operate outside the permitted hours, leave trash and debris, and leave our streets muddy and our sidewalks unwalkable.

The city responded with a presentation on possible tools to curb the teardown trend, such as a neighborhood stabilization overlay. The overlay would provide context-based height and setback requirements for neighborhoods that apply for such protection, but would not provide architectural restrictions like conservation districts. Overall, the city seemed to be hearing the concerns of residents, and I support the city’s proposed new tools.